Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Poem 1 – A limit laid down

The assignment was to meditate on a single word using the Oxford English Dictionary. One could probably guess what word popped to mind.

A limit laid down

Intercommunity of various sentiments

Na persoun sould intromet thairwith

Satisfied the curiosity of the astonished black

And Naked shaking to shew his indulgence

Flourishing despite infection with the sleeping sick

Capacity of a tree to endure catholicity of spirit

Tamarack, Poplar, Bird Cherry, White and Black

Ash borne without producing gastric symptoms

To decorate with all the splendor of panegyric

Trees give way as water drops below standard fineness

Throwing a veil over the deformities of a product parameter

Imperfection with the instrumentality of Perfection

Under control, or to use a more Christian word, charity

How the metal cools and can be withdrawn

To what extent “dancing girls” forbears euphemism

No such thing as a literally harmless dose of radiation

1 comment:

  1. love the comments! you should incorporate them in the final draft!
    they certainly embody the spirit of the poem's title more than the poem itself!

    if anything it's a great exercise in lifting limits.
    who's tolerating who here?