Saturday, November 28, 2009

Poem 14 – A biography of the dinosaurs

[The assignment was to write a biography poem. After much combing of the Archive, we came upon the dinosaurs resting there. Orthography intact "as found." Special thanks to 7-year-old Tolerance Project collaborator J.D. for his insights.]

A biography of the dinosaurs

thecodonts gave rise to crocodiles and the span

me catastrophe from the ground up

eugenic organ as an ism when reptiles ran

general as the mono startle along the ground and each other

for at least one season of a soma ethic


This is my hypothisis of why all dinosaurs died out

This is a few reasons of why dinosaurs died out

No one lives

The dinosaurs got old

As the eyes / near wreck

There was a meteorite shower

That had catastrophe written all over it

The dinosaur eggs got eaten

To create /

There was volcanos

Both inside and outside history

I think because giant underwater volcanos errupted

When they see

Because if a land volcano erupted it would not destroy water dinosaurs

The massive extinction was when they died out nobody knows why they died out


  1. if the water dinosaurs die (because we ate them all:, so will the land creatures

    if the land creatures disappear ("the world without us"), the water dinosaurs would probably increase in population

    "roughly a third of the carbon dioxide that humans are putting into the atmosphere has entered the ocean ... [another third goes into the atmosphere and another third back into land/trees - and the oceans are becoming more acidic due to massive human carbon emissions] ... About 250 million years ago, during the time known as the Great Dying at the end of the Permian period--the biggest mass extinction the world has yet known--the ocean's oxygen ran out.... When the oxygen vanished, most life on land and in the sea--more than 90 per cent of the species then alive--died. ...the ocean contains the switch of life. Not land, nor the atmosphere. The ocean. And that switch can be flipped off." - Alanna Mitchell, Sea Sick: the Global Ocean in Crisis

    "Fossil fuels--oil, coal and gas--are all that remain of organisms that, many millions of years ago, drew carbon from the atmosphere. When we burn wood, we release carbon that has been out of atmospheric circulation for a few decades, but when we burn fossil fuels we release carbon that has been out of circulation for eons. Digging up the dead in this way is a particularly bad thing for the living to do." - Tim Flannery, The Weather Makers

    We walk on earth,
    we look after,
    like rainbow sitting on top.
    But something underneath,
    under the ground.
    We don't know.
    You don't know.
    What do you want to do?
    If you touch,
    you might get cyclone, heavy rain or flood.
    Not just here,
    you might kill someone in another place.
    Might be kill him in another country.
    You cannot touch him.
    - Big Bill Neidjie, Gagadju Man, 2001, qtd by Tim Flannery

    While I was protesting against the US invasion of Iraq, I somehow overlooked how big oil companies and the Albertan government have efficiently cooperated to make Canada the largest exporter of oil to the US, overtaking Saudi Arabia in 2001. The story of how Canada came to be a petrostate ruled by the son of an Imperial Oil executive is told in Andrew Nikiforuk's Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, which should be required reading for Canadians and Americans.

    "If directed by ignorance, wealth is a greater evil than poverty, because it can push things more strongly in the wrong direction." - Plato

    "Canada, a suburb of Fort McMurray, is in the throes of an addiction." - Andrew Nikiforuk

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