Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poems 26 & 27 – I DON'T GET (it) I don't get (it)...

Here are two poems that recently got rejected from The New Yorker – perhaps the workshop participants could help me figure out why! I think they're probably not elliptical enough.


In your version, farther crows west
Reflections hover overt trust
The gladdest versions megamelt
And counter to the surest facet

Ounce too free

UV waivers cap the tendencies
To woo the rigor extra evidentiaries
Known in latent nonreflective valence tapes
Remaindered by the tops of faltered whorls

For fine sets

Copper scar condensed by tepid barter
Irrespective of the last dun jar
The insight is the outside with a pallor
Reminiscent of the dedicated signifier

Sever rate nigh tend

And swan...


I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t get it I don’t get it

Bare single-stranded DNA has a tendency to fold
House systems, in this case, reflecting hum

The terms savagery and barbarism made of so-called “jelly rubber”

Spring would be a facetious landscape capped
Several bracelet of its own obscure desires

To speak from phthalates agora

What really low-interest me surely
Rigour of historical reasoning as kinship object

Feel free to use any dedicated woods

Pole world remains cast scarcity
Verse a granitic (black) box of theatrical viewing

i dunno about poems, but here a discourses

With a stagnant suture on a flat surface
Eventually the stimulus will run its course

There is no evidence of microinvasion

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