Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poem 23 – Useful Bullshit

Hi Kristen, there is nothing in this that interests me.

All of the implied violence of the first section has become more explicit through imagery relating to the female body, mollusks and their shells.

Who is speaking why – dust bunnies and the holocaust? I don’t get it.

Trust the beginning of books. Lightness can mean “want of force” and the sound of gunfire using words suggesting invagination: “draped,” “aperture,” “diptych,” “gusset,” “purl,” “pleated” and “rivelled.”

You call this a performative nature? In my Lustrelessness, norm, form and function are revealed as blithely editable. I want my terminal degree, but we’re not competing.

We’re all encased in plastic, then turned into an intonation beyond the irrigated “pirate” mind. Why not center your poems – both physically and theoretically?

Be more visual and visceral. If love poems are written in pidgin python, try a vignette about difficult communication extended beyond linguistic articulation inside the mouth and in or near the genital area.

Polemic is a bad riposte against the triumph of “whimsy,” but I want poetry to be funny. You might want to give up entirely, learn to write linearly and do your memoir.

Thinking through these questions has been a difficult but pleasurable exercise.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem 22 – Failed poem about dead gay dogs

I just noticed something frozen: dogs are
Happy and funny except for one small thing:
My dogs are gay

Virtually all male dogs miss someone very
Any way we can find out whether
What’s wrong with feminists?

Left behind poetry behaviour my neighbor’s
Dogs are a conceit they hump Rainbow Bridge
Kill yourself contains a strong metaphysical
Damages who femme each other all the time

Please note balloon imagery and that just aint right dude twist
Ing mean could b 2 guy lines broken into Chickapoo
And my dogs a turkey-loving Christmas pattern of stress

Syllables called the light or lahu and heavy or
If they hump the same sex I’m going to just
This side of heaven contains primarily the bitches

When listed as poet an animal dies maimed
Cosmic verses would expose the horrible secret
Meadows and cats and corporate America

Cats have rude undue influence on the special friends
So they focus spotty home-movies on the anatomical
Key to constantly sniffing butts Canada really
Gay in the ass burn maple leaf, burn

Smart dogs can save our dreams of days
His bright eyes are peaples language times gone by
The intent: his eager body quivers suddenly
Strange poetry runs from the speed of its method
Flying over myself dancing almost haunting
The solidity so late with the physical eye

And your special friend the fear that dwells
Edges of silence like a loon you cling
Progressively from smaller units
Into the trusting eyes of when I was aaah
Gay flat headed no brain sucks, eh?
Alliteratively dancing myself right out of the womb