Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poem 36 – The projection of the intimate into the historical [Response to "Exchange Value #2" by Kai Fierle-Hedrick]

The projection of the intimate into the historical

(for Exchange Value)

The day lives us and we it remain at home

Pilfered rhetorics track an economy of one thing after another

I send you the burnt rulebook, who baked that challah?

The Time, Manner and Place of Speech Activities and Expression Speech activities

This list of dominant frames refined by a chimpanzee tossing darts

I revisited each story featuring the divined Violence Frame

A Place Altered by Moods, Greek residues of hard and soft

Perhaps all three are chairs, or codes for one

Doesn’t logic depend on tact animated at birth?

When a person stumbles, sings in cracking high tones, makes nervous gestures, etc.,
everyone knew this is a Jew Gay Gene Mull Court-shy Borders Kitch Scribbler

I’m not sure that the text is as rich in thematic content as what Karen generated

There are broader problems of unspeakable bodies and of “interest”

The subject escapes its alienation through a term of 25,000 colors

The table a procedure of knowledge dying to pronounce its name

Jay MillAr is glad someone paid the ransom

Thank you to everybody that submitted ticks and tsetse flies

Can somebody please put the necessary code between my code?

There are no kids in class, they’ve all gone to tolerance camp, apparently

Guest Poem – Exchange Value #2 by Kai Fierle-Hedrick

Exchange Value #2; 24 September 2010

[...] You see me there [...]

[...] It’s that abstract [...]

+ Rachel Zolf, ‘Poem 35 – Learning machines’

I say [...] and we assess our difference:

stiffen with divisions and the prompt

to concede the stereotype: now we are ticks

and ticks of boxes: now not: we are awkward

humor turned currency: ransom: or code

for the labels we shy: in this classroom

owning each projection troubles it.

It(‘)s ease. It(‘)s lack of exchange.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poem 35 – Learning machines [Response to "Exchange Value #1" by Kai Fierle-Hedrick]

Learning machines

(for Kai)

Aphorisms are done for the

Whole mass of documents that capture and fix them

Extension of and agent external to the body

So the speaker is the engine oil, what needs the additive

GRUUB can accesss the entiree diissk

Guns a-flutter with no evidence of microinvasion

You realize how important “feeling whole” is

With you my self-confidence has sky rocketed

But a time machine wouldn’t look like a booth with spinning wheels

The only way to seal the gap is leather soaked in oil


Your documentary can document anything

Such evidence accrued despite the best efforts of lacy aprons

Build a machine to fill up the pause in conversation

Self here is the implied mental comfort

A low ratio of formative roots and limber joints

Replete with just-before-recess name-calling

I vacate the moment when necessary

You see me there

It’s that abstract.

Guest Poem – Exchange Value #1 by Kai Fierle-Hedrick

Exchange Value #1; 17 September 2010

[the moment where
the evidence is

this catapult stress entry-point as stitch, as flutter
heartbeat and fingerprinting fiasco

as handle
as conductor

as pivot

as machine

as line

as such I brackets the length of corridor, a

written conversation
transcribed —

— for spatialisation

to braid interloper sun into silhouettes, a graphic language or
bid for some share of these

[neon geometries] the joint design loosening
I attends the grace instruction

action/beforemath...........facing down.........the document aftermath

to trace any intersection of mark, mobility
or passable other

however fragile letting flutter-flutter

to give [record] to take

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stay tuned for fruits of a new collaboration

The Tolerance Project will be involved in a three-week artistic collaboration/residency with Kai Fierle-Hedrick and the Department of Micro-Poetics starting this Friday (see link below). Stay tuned for poems posted as they're written.

Rachel Zolf and Kai Fierle-Hedrick will collaborate – via an on-site/off-site residency at the AC Institute – to write a sequence of poems responding to the exhibition
EXCHANGE VALUE. Fierle-Hedrick will write on-site at the gallery, and at the end of each session will forward an ekphrastic poem to Zolf.

Responding via The Tolerance Project, a collaborative MFA in Creative Writing rooted in an online archive of “poetic DNA” traces donated by 86 writers, artists and thinkers – Zolf will identify a set of search terms in Fierle-Hedrick’s poem and use these to generate a new response from within The Tolerance Project’s archive.

Zolf’s poetic permutation will then serve as the starting point for Fierle-Hedrick’s next session in the gallery, and so on. The residency explores a variety of exchanges – ekphrastic, dialogic, technological – in addition to embodying some of the challenges and creative loopholes of distance collaboration.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poem 34 – Homophobic poseur buffoon + narcissistic geometrical zip = nurture

The concept of geometrical tolerancing is complex

Buffoon of the Play house will die a ridiculous Death

She looked across the street and the tears fspell down (all the narcissus planted in rows)

I empathize deeply with the state-sponosored [sic] homophobia of the US government

We don’t follow the support and nurture model of learning – it’s more swill and swear

The feature toleranced is indicated by a leader line media berea arrowhead scenic allegoric Pandora minoan midday convulsion auk earthmover klein paper tug

Like a horrible cocktail party full of insufferable poseurs intent on name-dropping while grilling you on trivial gibberish

A geometrical tolerance is applied to a feature when there is a requirement to control its variation of form or position

Along the way it gradually jettisoned all feeling and emotion until it arrived at an austere
and impersonal form of so-called artistic purity or truth

Gear wheels, zips, bearings, pressure tubing, kitchen utensils and blow mouldings,
and clothing fabrics

My grandmother’s hands zipping open pale skin in a metal bowel

Poem 33 – Thespian p*ssycock

Thespian p*ssycock

(for Dorothy Trujillo Lusk)

My name is Breast.

There’s me at eighteen just pussifying on that blacktop.

The reason dogs are gay is because my two little boys get tired out

Or inverted.

Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius: will you remember to pay the debt?

You’re lucky I’m such an organized thespian.

All the cats follow me so the wire bird abandons writing.

The apartment choked with incense, apology,

Tender terror escaped another translation from the ffff-

That’s my bandanna-wearing Berella risking deportation.

I will honour you under the table to hoard what’s left of the gold.

Canada really gay in the ass lacks conventional Syntax dimensions,

Author magic, the location resizable rattle-trap heuristics

In the white nose of prattling excess: Thank you

For saying my boobs look real.

For the rule of what is indefinite is also indefinite

Like the leaden rule in Lesbian architecture,

A place against which the darling trace falls.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poem 32 – The poetics of nearness

The poetics of nearness

The British and Canadien bourgeoisie split
a constellation of particulars

The base cut through
a series of short snips

The mad affect half removed
a semilunar incision

The organ transfixed
grossly, disproportionate

..............(what placid?
............................big big sparkly
...............most docile birds

The smell and the mark
sew a trachea on seam muster ossein

Skirl frond of thrush notes et cum jejunum
the aphorist deliquesces

...............(if you change the number
...........................the barcode will loop
...............continuously while retaining
...........................all its properties

When I hear the word culture, I reach for my
septum sunder sahib must gurgle without