Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poem 10 – The Policy on the Free Exchange of Ideas

There is something impure about the gullet or
Veined-through surface, a room without
Transitive verbs or furniture terrified of the monochrome
Façade that scrapes up, brushing close in repetitive
Windows, ledges and siblings

Wary of having my photo taken with him
Demonized as a dangerous liberal

More erasure followed here

She still makes the strong one weep
With No Respect to Electrostatic Interactions 

The ex-drinker drinks, ex-smoker smokes
Purely placing value on certain Runs Scored
By the National Education Center for Conforming

This book you hold is stored behind glass in the Pompidou
By lowtech ways like freezing yourself or the laws
Of special relativity

Secrecy is a sometimes necessary tactic
In anticipation of power-sharing
What relic dusts the molecule’s crystallographic center 

Which it would undermine by “liberalizing”

Well-plac’d Zeal
Zipping around near the speed of light
Your Cloth and Character comes in Paranthesis! [sic]

Can you believe marbled halls to kill readers where they stalk?
We rescued hominids from sad dressing
Between Supramolecules

To progress is a man, but this lesson is the landing witness
Decrease the amount of time you experience elapsing
You fail.
Where had those frames dived?

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