Sunday, October 11, 2009


It has come to our attention by way of certain powerful and influential authorities that the sanctity of the MFA workshop has seemingly been violated by our having posted anonymous constructive criticism on Tolerance Project poems that originated from said MFA workshop. This news is distressing to us, given that we made a solemn pledge at the outset of this project that “NO MFA STUDENTS WILL BE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PROJECT.” In humble response to the possibly egregious effects of our unconscious error, we have removed said constructive comments from this web log. Henceforth, solely the poems in their nakedness plus barcodes will be posted here, so that the 85 writers, artists, thinkers, tenured professors, famous--and infamous--poets (some tenured too), bartenders, coders, wrestlers, revolutionaries and MFA workshop instructors who have donated their poetic DNA to The Tolerance Project can still be made aware of when and how their traces have been activated.

The task now falls to you, the online public, to generate the helpful feedback needed for us to edit the poems posted here and create the best MFA thesis ever. We’re confident that you can still accomplish that task sans the constructive influence of our MFA compatriots.

If you have further queries, please contact The Tolerance Project Coordinator at thetoleranceproject[at]

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