Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guest Poem – Exchange Value #3 by Kai Fierle-Hedrick

EXCHANGE VALUE #3; 01 October 2010

+ With thanks to Emma Cocker and Anonymous

What gaps in a language worried by love –
or like

zones of conversation.

I body their truth and causal
exchanges of naïveté –
the swagger-hip, swagger-hip.

Censorship is a technique of remembrance.

Scratchings on wood brittle
our felt betweens.

This is a strategy.

And, a heap of negotiation, I kiss you.

The absence of text is a question of position.

A slick of sweat behind my knees:

unstable truths and ethical possession.

Cost is the backbone of each speech-act.

Social assemblage.

You exit left, vanished, a relationship
neither to history nor without it.

Object action object

I am against a chair and still in it.
Ragged edges and gloss.

Repeat, repeat

I am at a loss for what’s left to describe.
The draft goes like caution and

the marks are doors

where the language stuck us. I push
this heart through what’s left.

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