Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 2010 term begins with "We" – Poem 28


are perfectly confident

have several mothers in common

created ourselves synthetically

take the bath with language

never take soot into the backyard

have visited certain small waves

pinpoint common framing devices

love the aquarium soother

are grateful for prosthetic replacement

have indefatigable researches

aphorize across the flap

bite, Free Sup!

are losing the war of ideas

became leader of the purification reagents

working nostalgia like a new glove

went wrong without a substitute

were so higher a vial

liquidated just before coming

were utterly ignorant of the noumenal realm

combine this with the possibility of closed timelike curves

must pause in our conversation and hum each syllable

could no longer find the sound pleasant, though we yearned to

stopped, and to spread was vacuum

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