Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poem 34 – Homophobic poseur buffoon + narcissistic geometrical zip = nurture

The concept of geometrical tolerancing is complex

Buffoon of the Play house will die a ridiculous Death

She looked across the street and the tears fspell down (all the narcissus planted in rows)

I empathize deeply with the state-sponosored [sic] homophobia of the US government

We don’t follow the support and nurture model of learning – it’s more swill and swear

The feature toleranced is indicated by a leader line media berea arrowhead scenic allegoric Pandora minoan midday convulsion auk earthmover klein paper tug

Like a horrible cocktail party full of insufferable poseurs intent on name-dropping while grilling you on trivial gibberish

A geometrical tolerance is applied to a feature when there is a requirement to control its variation of form or position

Along the way it gradually jettisoned all feeling and emotion until it arrived at an austere
and impersonal form of so-called artistic purity or truth

Gear wheels, zips, bearings, pressure tubing, kitchen utensils and blow mouldings,
and clothing fabrics

My grandmother’s hands zipping open pale skin in a metal bowel

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