Sunday, September 26, 2010

Poem 36 – The projection of the intimate into the historical [Response to "Exchange Value #2" by Kai Fierle-Hedrick]

The projection of the intimate into the historical

(for Exchange Value)

The day lives us and we it remain at home

Pilfered rhetorics track an economy of one thing after another

I send you the burnt rulebook, who baked that challah?

The Time, Manner and Place of Speech Activities and Expression Speech activities

This list of dominant frames refined by a chimpanzee tossing darts

I revisited each story featuring the divined Violence Frame

A Place Altered by Moods, Greek residues of hard and soft

Perhaps all three are chairs, or codes for one

Doesn’t logic depend on tact animated at birth?

When a person stumbles, sings in cracking high tones, makes nervous gestures, etc.,
everyone knew this is a Jew Gay Gene Mull Court-shy Borders Kitch Scribbler

I’m not sure that the text is as rich in thematic content as what Karen generated

There are broader problems of unspeakable bodies and of “interest”

The subject escapes its alienation through a term of 25,000 colors

The table a procedure of knowledge dying to pronounce its name

Jay MillAr is glad someone paid the ransom

Thank you to everybody that submitted ticks and tsetse flies

Can somebody please put the necessary code between my code?

There are no kids in class, they’ve all gone to tolerance camp, apparently

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