Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poem 6 – Frog I

Somehow the Project Coordinator neglected to post this a couple weeks back. The assignment was to write a reduction (drastically edited version) of a poem, and this lovely donation to the archive fit the bill perfectly all by its truncated lonesome. Ah, the simple plaisirs of the search engine.

Frog 1

Missing back left leg.
Missing back right leg.
Extra foot growing out of back left leg.
Extra back right leg.
Deformed back left leg.
Unabsorbed tail.
Extra left leg.
Extra and deformed left leg.
One eyed.
Tail unabsorbed.
Missing left leg.
Deformed tail.

sing back .ft leg
sing back .ht leg
ex fff rows back .ft leg
ex k right leg
dorm back .ft leg
tadpole t. ever ab
ex .ft leg
mm .ft leg
one eyed fff
ail un.sorb
sing .ft leg
form tail

1 comment:

  1. That writting made me laugh out loud here at my desk in my room at my personal computer.