Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guest Poem – Exchange Value #2 by Kai Fierle-Hedrick

Exchange Value #2; 24 September 2010

[...] You see me there [...]

[...] It’s that abstract [...]

+ Rachel Zolf, ‘Poem 35 – Learning machines’

I say [...] and we assess our difference:

stiffen with divisions and the prompt

to concede the stereotype: now we are ticks

and ticks of boxes: now not: we are awkward

humor turned currency: ransom: or code

for the labels we shy: in this classroom

owning each projection troubles it.

It(‘)s ease. It(‘)s lack of exchange.


  1. the second-to-last line is fascinating, in terms of the collaboration (in addition to being a fine line in itself). "trouble" here defines (or massages) itself: to affect a trajectory. this, of course, is what these poems are doing to each other (and this is what the poems do to each other's course(s))—owning, but also giving, each projection. and radiating pleasure.