Sunday, September 19, 2010

Guest Poem – Exchange Value #1 by Kai Fierle-Hedrick

Exchange Value #1; 17 September 2010

[the moment where
the evidence is

this catapult stress entry-point as stitch, as flutter
heartbeat and fingerprinting fiasco

as handle
as conductor

as pivot

as machine

as line

as such I brackets the length of corridor, a

written conversation
transcribed —

— for spatialisation

to braid interloper sun into silhouettes, a graphic language or
bid for some share of these

[neon geometries] the joint design loosening
I attends the grace instruction

action/beforemath...........facing down.........the document aftermath

to trace any intersection of mark, mobility
or passable other

however fragile letting flutter-flutter

to give [record] to take

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